Advantages and Disadvantages of PhoneGap Development Tool

PhoneGap is an open source cross platform mobile application development tool; using PhoneGap development tool developers create robust apps for all big giant platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian etc. More especially the program uses languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JAVAscript through the process. For better experience PhoneGap is a program to use when developing your own apps. Here are some Advantages and disadvantages of PhoneGap development tool.


Does not require any additional programming language:

Due to this tool is based on latest web technologies like HTML, does not require any additional knowledge of dense native programming languages. Instead the program works as framework to easily build mobile apps without the extra process of learning programming languages.

Supportive for all major mobile operating system:

This is the biggest advantage of PhoneGap development tool that it is compatible with all major mobile operating system like iOS, Android, blackberry, Symbian etc. Such diverse compatibility allows developers easy to create apps with using PhoneGap build and use same app for different mobile platforms.

Support various APIs:

PhoneGap development tools support various APIs like Accelerometer, camera, compass, contact, file, Geo location, media, network, notification and storage. With these all supporting features you are still able to tap in many of devices build in features.


Conditions Apply:

Due to Phonegap is an open source development tool it provides facility to create apps only one time and if you want to create phoneGap app more than one time than phoneGap will charge you a monthly basis. The fee may not be a major issue for seasoned app developer however, for those looking for a free option to learn the ropes; PhoneGap can be a bit misleading.

Can be inefficient when working with native languages:

If we talk about native programming languages then it oppose to framework method, this cross platform mobile app development tool does not perform well as compared to other programs based on native languages. In other word the program allows apps are compatible for cross platform mobile development but if we talk about hybrid app then method aims for vast compatibility, the created app do not perform well as others.

Does not support all the functionality:

Phonegap development tool does not cappuccino functionality which provides many of features to developing online applications. This functionality gives much facility for app developer like drag, drop, copy, paste, undo, redo graphics, animation, color, font section etc.

According to experts review PhoneGap is the most usable tool for developing cross platform mobile apps, but it contains some own advantages and limitations.

Mobile App Development Trends That You Need To Watch Out For

iPhone application development is at its peak and 2016 has been bringing in quite a few changes. When it comes to mobile app development here are some key changes that we are likely to see and you should ride these trends to success. Here is a list of predictions by app development experts from around the world regarding iPhone app development services India.

Hybrid HTML5

Most people prefer native mobile apps through mobile development services but HTML5’s hybrid variant has been kicking up quite the storm. 2015 saw the introduction of many hybrid HTML5 apps and it is expected the trend will go on to explode hard in 2016 with most developers keen on the technology and they have shown interest in the development platform for quite some time. It is most definitely going to be the language of choice for enterprises but how long will it take to be commonplace is something we cannot be very sure about.

Internet of Things

App development for iPhone and Things as a Service (TAAS) has been gaining momentum on the internet and the Internet of Things is also affecting the global app market as well to leverage the needs of the users and offer complete mobile integration. IOT is set to make the platforms feel modern and offer the right kind of backend infrastructure needed to make data available on any device that the end user uses. High-quality mobile integration is the need of the hour and IOT can make it possible for developers quite easily. According to the IDC, it is expected that the IOT market can grow up to 2 trillion dollars in terms of value. It is one of the most promising platforms and you should be integrating mobile platforms to work in the IOT market for maximum benefit.

Cross-platform mobile development

With devices of so many sizes being a reality, it is becoming important for every iPhone App development company     to get into cross platform development. Tablet sales may be dipping quite a bit but they remain popular in usage and there are many industries that have implemented the use of tablets. Cross platform mobile solutions by every iOS App development company is something every app developer keeps in mind when making apps and making an app right now requires you to take care of all platforms to offer your user base the best possible experience. Being able to transition from mobiles to tablets to desktops without losing data at all is something that is in demand and it is something you need to consider when making your next app. Being able to maintain the same look and feel is also essential if you want to make your user base use your app on all platforms for their productivity needs.

Wearable tech

Wearable tech did not take off very well last year thanks to plenty of kinks that need to be ironed out by every mobile app development company. But manufacturers are confident that with the right app support the platform can take off in the form of wearable watches and other accessories meant to compliment phones, tablets or even work as standalone devices.

Consolidation of the Mobile App Market

There are many vendors who are willing to address different areas of through mobile development services that have not been ventured yet. While on another side most startup apps that show promise will either go out of business or will be bought out unless they shift to higher quality platforms. This is very good news for the whole interface because only enterprise grade apps will be able to make the cut in the long term and having the right level of development can help a lot with it.

Benefits of using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has become synonymous with image editing due to the software’s powerful functions and features. More than just a program, it helps photographers and graphic designers alike to edit, change, and most of all improve the imagery or pictures that they are working with.

Benefits of taking a training course
Learning how to use Adobe Photoshop isn’t as difficult as it appears to be, provided that you are trained by competent and proper trainers. In addition, there are also many good Photoshop tutorials on the Internet that you can learn on your own. It is, however, recommended to take up Adobe Photoshop course to at least familiarize yourself with the basic and technical terminologies.

Download Software plugins and add-ons
Different from other digital imaging applications, Adobe Photoshop boasts many plug-ins and add-ons, as well as various tools for creating and editing images. These plug-ins and add-ons can be downloaded – mostly for free – from the web. You can draw, cut and paste, add special effects, fill colors, and whole lot more. Using the program, your imagination and creativity are the only limit. It also helps to have the skill required to pull off the desired effects.

Tools and functionalities
Some basic tools and functionalities of Adobe Photoshop include scripts, layers, textures, gradients, frames, patterns, actions etc. The list of tools and functionalities may seem overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it and familiarize yourself, you’ll learn to appreciate their benefits in helping you work effectively. Learning the basic is essential if you wish to become an expert in Adobe Photoshop.

Web Development – Benefits & Strategies

Your website is the platform to the online business. Without developing a website you cannot think of launching your online business. Your website is an image of your business & the showcase of its products & services.Web development refers to all the activities which are associated with each other & are required to launch your website on the internet. Web development includes web design, content development, client/server side scripting, E-commerce development etc. Web development requires a lot of accuracy, creativity & technical proficiency. It involves both the design as well as non design aspects. Web development requires expertise from a web development company who cater to your needs by creating user friendly website by using the most updated technology. It involves search engine optimization & the suitable use of keywords.

Advantages of web development:

• The greatest benefit of website development is the 24 hrs & 7 days online availability as well as visibility from anywhere around the world so as to enable the users to draw information at any point of time.

• It is a great way of supporting the personal recommendation of clients.

• It helps your company to increase the product knowledge, sustain communication between you & your prospective customers.

• It increases the popularity of your company.

• It improves the visibility as well as credibility among the clientele.

• It provides all the information regarding the products, the promotional as well as developmental activities.

Strategies for website development:

• Your website should look pleasing by making use of graphics, images etc. It should however not be made over flashy & showy so that the visitors may not get diverted from the actual theme.

• By writing unique, informative as well as search engine friendly content you can increase the traffic volume to your site.

• It is mandatory to have proper title & Meta tags for proper search engine optimization.

• It should be easily navigated i.e. it should be easy to find & use.

• The overall loading speed should be good.

There are many web development companies offering their services. Before making a selection of a web development company certain things have to be kept in mind. Only sites using the latest technology should be used, which could be support by all the browsers. Using outdated technology might hinder or slow down the visibility of your website.

Our Head Web Developer Featured By VanArts

The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) recently interviewed our head web developer, Wolff Podzun on all the ventures he has had since graduating from their one-year web development course in March 2016.

Since graduation, Wolff started up Lobo Media Solutions, which offers affordable Web Designs as well as Graphic Designs for new and upcoming businesses.

He has seen marketing success as he helped a few companies rise to the top of Google with his expert Search Engine Optimization methods and is now currently single handedly designing the new official website for SSLC: Sprott Shaw Language College, one of Sprott Shaw College’s newest ventures in Canada.

Other past accomplishments include creating graphic design work for the Oceans 2 Earth Foundation in Australia which was featured in various Australian based magazines targeting volunteers to help out the organization in protecting the earth and it’s vast amount of animals living on it.

Along with all of these ventures, Wolff continues to single handedly manage and run “¿Que Pasa Corozal?“, a media website he created five-years ago while still living in Belize to help keep people in his home town of Corozal and the rest of the Corozal District informed on the happenings within the entire District and has recently upgraded to providing information, news and other happenings within the entire country of Belize.

Check out the interview below.