PhoneGap is an open source cross platform mobile application development tool; using PhoneGap development tool developers create robust apps for all big giant platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian etc. More especially the program uses languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JAVAscript through the process. For better experience PhoneGap is a program to use when developing your own apps. Here are some Advantages and disadvantages of PhoneGap development tool.


Does not require any additional programming language:

Due to this tool is based on latest web technologies like HTML, does not require any additional knowledge of dense native programming languages. Instead the program works as framework to easily build mobile apps without the extra process of learning programming languages.

Supportive for all major mobile operating system:

This is the biggest advantage of PhoneGap development tool that it is compatible with all major mobile operating system like iOS, Android, blackberry, Symbian etc. Such diverse compatibility allows developers easy to create apps with using PhoneGap build and use same app for different mobile platforms.

Support various APIs:

PhoneGap development tools support various APIs like Accelerometer, camera, compass, contact, file, Geo location, media, network, notification and storage. With these all supporting features you are still able to tap in many of devices build in features.


Conditions Apply:

Due to Phonegap is an open source development tool it provides facility to create apps only one time and if you want to create phoneGap app more than one time than phoneGap will charge you a monthly basis. The fee may not be a major issue for seasoned app developer however, for those looking for a free option to learn the ropes; PhoneGap can be a bit misleading.

Can be inefficient when working with native languages:

If we talk about native programming languages then it oppose to framework method, this cross platform mobile app development tool does not perform well as compared to other programs based on native languages. In other word the program allows apps are compatible for cross platform mobile development but if we talk about hybrid app then method aims for vast compatibility, the created app do not perform well as others.

Does not support all the functionality:

Phonegap development tool does not cappuccino functionality which provides many of features to developing online applications. This functionality gives much facility for app developer like drag, drop, copy, paste, undo, redo graphics, animation, color, font section etc.

According to experts review PhoneGap is the most usable tool for developing cross platform mobile apps, but it contains some own advantages and limitations.