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We provide Web Design and Development Services throughout the Greater Vancouver Area using Custom Modified WordPress themes in order to provide small businesses with the professional look that they need to help represent their business while still being affordable enough to meet their budgets which in return allows them to continue efficiently running their day to day business without the need to raise prices, reduce hours or wages of staff or any other drastic measure just to be able to afford to get exposure on the internet.

Most Web Design and Development companies know how important it is nowadays to have clients be able to find your business online and therefore try to take advantage of small or new businesses by charging outrageous prices but at Lobo Media Solutions we know what it is like to be starting a new business and how a small thing such as not having a professional looking website or not being able to afford one at all can be the difference maker between success or failure of your business.

This is why we try to work with all businesses in order to create something affordable enough to meet their budget while still providing the professional look that their business deserves.

Contact us today and let us help continue making your business a success.

Graphic Design for Web and Print

We also provide Graphic Design services both for the Web and Print, meaning that no matter if it is an event or special promotion flyer that will be printed and distributed or just a web banner for your website or social media page, we guarantee to make it the best-looking design you have ever seen, to match any company colors plus to meet all required standards.

For example, if it is a print design, we will ensure that it is the right size for the right size of printing paper, colours made in CMYK (the type recommended for print), and includes bleed so that there won’t be any white border lines.

If it is a web design we will make sure it is created at the right size to perfectly fit your Facebook Page Cover, Profile Picture or anything else it needs to be specifically sized for and the colours will be made in RGB (the type recommended for the web).

Just be sure to include all specifications needed for your graphic design when contacting us.

Video Editing

We also design and edit video content for both personal and corporate usage.

Company introduction videos, special occasional greetings, elevator ads, event promotional videos, no matter what is needed we are trained in the art of putting content together and creating it from scratch.

Contact us today to get your professional video editing done at affordable prices.

Voice Overs

We offer professional voice over production for your business.

Whether it is audio for an advertisement, radio jingle or even a DJ drop, we provide it at an affordable price.

Voice Over’s provided both in English and Spanish or a mix of both English and Spanish if needed.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on your voice over service.

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